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Aromatherapy and the Workplace - Part 2

Here, we can show how some oils may be used in certain circumstances. Oils

Aromatherapy at work

have different characteristics, so may be used to aid positive conditions, here are some examples:

Benzoin calms the nervous system. It calms the mind, eases nervous tension, stress and anxiety. When you are feeling drained or emotional exhausted, benzoin can soothe your frazzled nerves. Its uplifting effect helps to overcome depression and restore confidence. It dispels anger, diminishes irritability, and reduces worrying.

Bergamot is a refreshing and uplifting oil that balances the emotions and moods. It can relieve anxiety, diminish depression and calm anger. Smelling bergamot oil can stabilize a person in a shaky emotional state. It evokes feelings of happiness and joy and can restore self-confidence.

Black Pepper is a mental stimulant, increasing alertness and improving concentration. It can motivate people into action when they feel "stuck". It encourages feelings of courage and bravery, particularly about speaking in public.

Frankincense is a stabilising and centring oil that reduces anxiety and revitalizes the body and mind when a person is mentally or physically exhausted. It soothes mental anxiety, nervous tension or stress and is comforting to the emotions. By slowing respiration, it produces a sense of serenity and calms restlessness.

Geranium eases anxiety and tension of mentally and physically demanding days and helps restore emotional balance. Almost any stress-related condition responds to a few sniffs of geranium oil.

Lavender balances extremes of emotions, such as depression, fear, irritability, melancholy, mood swings, and nervousness. It clears thinking, dissipates fears, minimizes anger, and reduces worry. It relaxes the mind and promotes physical and mental well-being. It helps neutralize sensory overload and balance either a racing or sluggish mind.

Lemon, a refreshing and uplifting oil, can calm or prevent emotional outbursts. It fights depression, eases fear, strengthens resolve, and assists in communication and decision-making. It also improves concentration and memory.

Petitgrain is a nerve tonic, relieving nervous exhaustion, irritability and anxiety. It also balances moods and emotions, acting either as a stimulant or sedative depending on the individual's need.

Rose balances emotions, calms nerves, reduces tension, anxiety and stress. It helps to eliminate feelings of disappointment and resentment and can help dissolve emotional blocks standing in the way of happiness.

Ylang Ylang is used by European psychotherapists to treat depression, insomnia and nervous tension. It stabilizes moods, reduces anxiety and tension. It fosters feelings of love, security and serenity, while minimizes anger, fears and frustrations. It activates enthusiasm and provides comfort during times of change.

Chamomile, a calming and relaxing oil, helps combat anxiety, nervousness, depression, insomnia, and stress. It can dispel anger, stabilize the emotions, and help to release emotions linked to the past.

Clary Sage balances the extremes of emotions and restores emotional equilibrium. It alleviates melancholy and lifts depression. As a nerve tonic, it eases fear and nervousness. It can increase concentration and stimulate mental activity without being over stimulating. Clary sage oil makes an ideal companion in times of personal challenge or change, especially when there is external stress and extreme pressure. In stressful situations, it reduces deep-seated tension, slows a racing mind, and calms nerves.

Neroli oil soothes emotional upsets, eases anger, depression, mood swings, and nervousness, and imparts a sense of joy and peace. It subdues stress and tension. Health care practitioners and aromatherapists in Europe use it to bring quick relief for anxiety attacks and to treat chronic anxiety. It provides the strength and support to get through difficult and trying times.

Patchouli relieves depression, anxiety, nervous tension, reduces mental fatigue and calms emotion upsets. It also improves concentration.

Peppermint, a mental stimulant, energizes and relieves mental fatigue, increases alertness and concentration, and clears thought processes.

Sandalwood relaxes the body and mind, soothes emotional exhaustion, and relieves tension, nervousness, irritability and depression. It also stimulates the senses and clears thought processes.

We can show, by way of example, how oils may be mixed. These combinations may be tried in your own establishment. You should use an aromalamp or other suitable diffuser, (please do tell your colleagues first):

1. Do not mix more than 3 oils per blend because the synergistic effects are less predictable.
2. Lavender oil is the "Universal Oil" & increases the therapeutic benefits of any oil with which it is blended.
3. Keep the essential oil blend dilution to 2% (stress).
In the blends, add to approximately 30 ml carrier substance.

For general stress, a relaxing blend:
4 drops clary sage ( lowers blood pressure)
3 drops ylang ylang (slows rapid heart beating & breathing)
3 drops lavender
NB: high doses of clary sage causes drowsiness; do not consume alcohol while using this essential oil since side effects include nausea and headaches.

For anxiety:
4 drops petitgrain (soothing & general tonic)
3 drops geranium (balancing)
3 drops sandalwood (relaxing)

For depression:
5 drops geranium (uplifting & balancing)
3 drops benzoin (calming & soothing)
2 drops bergamot (refreshing)