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Detox Part 12 - Diet

Keep in your diet a good variety of foods. Eat modestly but regularly and try to avoid grazing. If you must graze, have mixed nuts and dried fruit to hand. Even a box of natural wheat flakes or Muesli makes a good grazing food. NOT the branded stuff. Think simple and natural.

Detox Part 11 - Notes about Probiotics

Probiotics refers to friendly bacteria which contribute to the health of the intestinal tract.

Detox Part 10 - Sundry Remarks

Do not expect huge changes from a simple detox technique. However, you may find that the simple detox techniques will lead to a more permanent healing and weight loss (eventually) than had you started with a more powerful detox techniques (which you can try at a later date). In some...

Detox Part 9 - The Kidneys and the Bladder

Persons who have eaten a high fat diet for many years, especially with dairy foods, tend to have kidneys that are clogged with excess fat and in need of cleansing. The kidneys are an important avenue for the elimination of toxins are should be kept healthy. 

Detox Part 8 - The Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system is used to bring nourishment to cells and to remove wastes. The lymph nodes, located in the lymph vessels, break down toxins. The breakdown of toxins is especially important during infections and other acute illnesses. 

Detox Part 7 - The Gallbladder

The Gallbladder Flush (aka Liver & Gallbladder Flush) is a powerful cleansing technique used to remove toxic substances from the liver and gallbladder. This can be very helpful in removing quite a few large asymptomatic gallstones as well as giving an enormous improvement in the ability to digest fats.

Detox Part 6 - The Liver

One of the more simple and popular cleansing techniques is known as the Liver Flush. It is used for removing excess fatty acids and other toxic substances from the liver. 

Detox Part 5 - The Skin

Skin cleanses have been performed for centuries using herbs, saunas and sweat lodges. The theory behind skin cleanses is that toxic substances (e.g., pesticides, drugs, etc.) and bodily wastes (e.g., fats, excess inorganic minerals) are often deposited in the fatty tissues below the surface of the skin.

Detox Part 4 - The Gastrointestinal Tract

The GI Tract cleanse is intended to cleanse and heal the stomach, small intestine, and large intestine. This includes removing growths (e.g., cysts, polyps, adenomas), healing tissue problems (e.g., lesions, ulcerations, fibrosis, diverticulosis, leaky gut), restoring the shape and tone of the intestines to their natural form, restoring the environment...

Detox Part 3 - General Tips on Getting Through the Detox

While cleanses can be extremely healing, it is important to balance the cleansing techniques with periods of rebuilding and strengthening using other techniques discussed in this resource guide (e.g., healthy diet, supplements, yoga, support network, etc.).

Detoxing Part 2 - Selecting A Detox Technique

There are many areas of the body that one can concentrate cleansing on. In each of these areas there are powerful techniques for detoxification. There are also gentle techniques that can be used depending upon a person's condition.

Detoxing Part 1 - An Introduction to Detoxing

The use of detoxification techniques can sometimes make the difference between an effective holistic healing program and endless frustration. These techniques get many people started on their healing path where medications, diet, exercise, yoga, and everything else failed.