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Detox Part 10 - Sundry Remarks

Sundry, Notes and Actions

Cupping. Cupping is a cleansing technique often practised by Oriental Medical Practitioners. It helps to break up congestion and relieve pain in the area being treated. It can be especially useful for persons with edema, asthma, arthritis, and other painful or congested placed on the body. I have seen it done most often on the back. A vacuum is created in small jars/cups using a candle or a special machine (made for this purpose). These cups are then placed on the area being treated for 5 to 20 minutes. The process will create temporary bruise marks on the area being treated. It can be slightly painful. I recommend you have it done by an experienced practitioner.

Neti. This is a traditional yogic cleansing technique which is excellent for persons who have difficulty breathing through the nose (stuffed nosed or allergies) or who tend to get sinus infections. It is very easy to perform once you get the hang of it.

Before you start a Detox programme.....

a. Locate an experienced holistic healing practitioner to discuss these detoxification techniques with. There may be contraindications for you performing a specific detoxification technique. Please consult your chosen healthcare practitioner. These instructions are only meant as ideas to discuss with your practitioner and not meant as a recommendation.

b. If you feel that you are significantly overweight (i.e., more than 40 pounds/18 kg over your ideal weight), then it is often much better to do the following before you attempt a detoxification technique:

i. Stabilise your diet so that it is close to a natural foods diet
ii. Learn and practice Yoga and breathing exercises regularly . If you can practice a moderate amount of aerobic exercise, find exercise that you really enjoy and do it.
iii. Concentrate heavily on enjoying yourself and nurturing yourself.

When you have stabilised in a reasonably healthy lifestyle, then you will be ready to do the following:

Throw out your scale! Detoxification techniques are never used to lose weight. If you happen to lose weight, it may be considered an added bonus. However, some people gain a little weight during and after the detox. Detox techniques are used for healing. Consciously or subconsciously letting your emotions "ride" on your current weight is likely to lead to major difficulties.

Discuss with your practitioner what detox technique would suit your condition. It's usually best to begin with a non-extreme detox if you are overweight

Do not expect huge changes from a simple detox technique. However, you may find that the simple detox techniques will lead to a more permanent healing and weight loss (eventually) than had you started with a more powerful detox techniques (which you can try at a later date). In some cases such as moderate to severe pain, chemical exposure, extremely poor digestion, poorly functioning GI Tract or liver, etc., a detox may be performed right away to reduce the symptoms significantly. It must be remembered however, that permanent weight loss will come not from the detox technique, but from a gradual change in lifestyle after the detox. It is really a decision for a practitioner as to whether you should detox immediately or not. It will probably be okay either way you go (as long as you concentrate on ideas)

After any detox:

Pre-Cleanse Lifestyle Changes

In most cases it is helpful to spend at least a couple of months before your first cleanse making gradual positive lifestyle changes in the following areas:

i. Food and Nutrition
ii. Enjoying Life / Nurturing Yourself regularly
iii. Building Self-Acceptance / Self-Love
iv. Considering the Avoidance of Toxic Substances
v. Yoga and/or Breathing Exercises If you decide to begin a cleanse immediately, then you should consider making these lifestyles changes gradually after the cleanse.