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Dermaceutic Tri Vita C30 30ml



Industry-leading concentrations for optimal dermo-revitalization, free radical protection, and skin restoration. An innovative combination of 3 forms of vitamin C to reach several depths of the skin and release antioxidant benefits over time.

  • Contains 30% Vitamin C
  • 15% L-Ascorbic Acid 
  • 14.5% Ascorbyl Silanol 
  • Powerful antioxidant 
  • Anti-radical and age-defense actions
  • Boosts and enhances the photoprotection
  • Vitamin E Ester
  • Ferulic Acid Ester 


After 28 days: the skin has less visible wrinkles, is more radiant and hydrated, and has a more even complexion.

Up to*

  • 22% decrease in average wrinkles depth
  • 20% decrease in crow’s feet volume
  • 33% increase in skin hydration
Apply to the face and neck in the morning or evening


30% Vitamin C

15% L-Ascorbic Acid   : Provides optimal antioxidant action.

14.5% Ascorbyl Silanol  : Combination of Silanol and Vitamin C for superior anti-radical and age-defense actions of the Vitamin C thanks to a deep penetration.

0.5% Ascorbyl Ester  : Combats the signs of photo-aging, evens out complexion and boosts skin radiance.

Vitamin E Ester  : Powerful antioxidant that complements and potentiates the Vitamin C’s efficacy and stability.

Ferulic Acid Ester  : Renowned antioxidant that boosts and enhances the photo-protection action of the Vitamin C & E

Dermaceutic Tri Vita C30 30ml