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Dermaceutic K Ceutic Post Treatment Recovery Cream SPF50 30ml



Helps nourish the skin following aesthetic treatments, such as medium peels or lasers, by soothing the skin and delivering essential nutrients. K Ceutic helps reduce skin redness, whilst providing complete sun protection.
Advanced formula helps skin maintain optimal moisture, which optimizes the recovery time. 

  • Features soothing agents 
  • Oxybenzone-free
  • Octocrylene-free
  • Favours the development of keratinocytes 
  • Combat and limit the signs of photoaging 
  • Provides anti-inflammatory action 
  • Offer high-performance sun protection 

This cream contains a combination of ingredients designed to repair (glycoprotein and hyaluronic acid), moisturize (shea butter), protect (vitamin E and SPF 50), and soothe (K Complex). It also provides complete sun protection (SPF 50 - UVA/UVB barriers).


K Complex Features soothing agents essential to combat inflammation. 


Glycoprotein Favours the development of keratinocytes and the cohesion of fibroblasts while regenerating the skin.

Vitamins C and E With renowned antioxidant properties, this combination of vitamins combats the signs of photoaging and limits their appearance.

Apply to the face as often as required.


Dermaceutic K Ceutic Post Treatment Recovery Cream SPF50 30ml