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Cellulite - The worry since the dawn of time

It has been the worry of every woman since the dawn of time - the affliction known as cellulite. We all have it to varying degrees, and it seems to get worse as we get older. So, should we just resign ourselves to the fact that it is here to stay, or is there a way to fight, reduce - even get rid of cellulite?

Thankfully, the answer is yes, we can fight cellulite, or at least the appearance of cellulite, through several therapeutic treatments that are available on the market today. It is not, however, a one-time answer. Once you stop the treatments, the cellulite will inevitably return. So, the treatment of cellulite is an ongoing commitment, and it should be incorporated as part of your daily beauty regimen for consistent and lasting reduction in it's appearance.

Some of the over-the-counter cellulite treatments actually do quite a good job of significantly reducing the appearance of cellulite. In order to achieve maximum effectiveness with these products, it is imperative that you massage the affected areas vigorously for a few minutes when applying the treatment. In addition to the smoothing and tightening ingredients in the treatment, the massaging stimulates circulation and helps break the collagen bands that have constricted and resulted in the "puckered" look of the affected areas. The most effective ingredients, and what gives these products their smoothing effects, are caffeine and aminophylline. Many also add seaweed extract as well, but this is not the most effective ingredient in the product.

In addition to the cellulite creams, lotions and gels, there is a procedure called endermology that has many women reporting extraordinary results. It is actually a large mechanical pressure device that uses a technique similar to the process of a rolling pin rolling out dough to make cookies. This action kneads the problem areas with substantial pressure to break down the aforementioned collagen bands, and smooth the sponginess and puckering out for an even and toned appearance. Drawbacks are it is expensive and does require return visits for maintenance, it can be an uncomfortable and even slightly painful process, and it may result in some temporary bruising.

Another option is oral herbal or medicinal remedies for cellulite. That said, there have not been significant studies or proof verifying whether these products actually produce results or otherwise.

So, what else causes cellulite? This question is still the subject of scientific debate. We definitely know that it mostly affects women, so there is much speculation that the underlying cause is hormonal in nature. Many other studies suggest it is related to age, diet, genetics, and fitness/level of activity. It has been noted that strength and toning exercises, as well as steady weight maintenance will help with the appearance of cellulite. Frequent weight fluctuation, high fat diets, and even excessive carbonated beverages have been some of the suspected culprits as well.

Whatever the cause, if you want to minimise these unsightly dimples, there are options out there for you that are effective and affordable. New breakthroughs are being made every day in the field of cosmetic enhancement products, so we may soon see another product that blows them all away. It may be tomorrow, for all we know!

Many women cringe on finding the right treatment to get rid of cellulite. But by far, how many of them have successfully found the right solution to eliminate this unsightly orange-peel skin altogether?

There are many over-the-counter cellulite creams and lotions that claim to help remove cellulite completely. However, with the abundance of cellulite creams available in the market today, it can be quite confusing when it comes to choosing the best cellulite creams to treat your cellulite condition. Do note that cellulite creams may not be an effective method to remove cellulite. It is indeed used as a temporary method to reduce the appearance of cellulite. When cellulite cream is massaged on skin, it helps to plump up the skin, thereby, creating a smoother skin texture. I offer various cellulite fighting creams and lotions in my shop. I am not going to recommend any particular one over another. What I will say is that I have reviewed the products I offer (as I do with all my products) and feel sure that those that I do offer are sensible and worthwhile.

Here are some pointers to help you understand some of the key ingredients used in many cellulite creams:

Retinol is one of the common ingredients used in wrinkle creams. It is used for treating skin texture by improving the thickness of the skin epidermis and circulation.

It is said that Aminophylline works by breaking down fat cells into fatty acids. Therefore, it helps to reduce the orange-peel effect of cellulite. There have been increasing number of cellulite creams that make used of AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) such as lactic acid and glycolic acid to treat cellulite. AHA helps accelerate the removal of the superficial layer of dead cells.

Herbal-based cellulite creams help to improve skin texture in cellulite areas. Some examples of herbal-based active ingredients used in cellulite cream are citric, tartaric and phytic acids from fruits and plans. There have been reports that some of these ingredients actually work in treating cellulite. However, due to the limited evidence to justify the effectiveness of these creams, it is all depends on us to whether or not to take this resort as an option to get rid of this ugly, dimpling effect on our body.

Diet and excercise are just as important is fighting cellulite.

Cellulite diet - Detoxification diet may help you to reduce cellulite by improving on cellulite related functions like lymph and blood flow in your body. Following an anti cellulite detoxification diet means giving up on fatty, junk foods, and getting plenty of exercise. In addition, vigorous massages to the cellulite affected area helps to improve circulation and to flush out toxins built-up in the body.

Detoxification Diet involves:

- Avoid fatty and salty foods like junk foods.

- Cutting down on the amount of fat; e.g. grilled or steamed food is always a better choice than eating fried food, slicing off fat from meat.

- Drink plenty of water daily (at least 2 liters) to flush out toxins stored in fat tissues.

- Eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits, at least 5 servings daily.

- Stay away from sugar treats as much as possible.

- Stay away from alcohol.

- Drink herbal or decaffeinated coffee instead.

- Eat plenty of fiber and wholegrain foods - fiber helps to get rid of waste products from the intestinal tract.

- Drink a glass of hot water with fresh lemon the first thing in the morning to detoxify your body.

- Quit smoking - cigarette smoking contributes to the accumulation of toxins in the body.

- Avoid unnecessary medication like diet pills, sleeping pills, laxatives and diuretic pills.

Healthy Food for Cellulite Diet

Eat more foods that are rich in soy, blueberries and nuts.

Add onions into your meal - onion is great to get rid of cellulite. It helps release water build-up from skin cells.

Make sure to consume nutrients in Vitamin B, C and E, essential fatty acids, glucosamine, calcium, iodine, fibre and potassium - e.g. avocados, oily fish, bananas, bran and oat cereals, pears, asparagus, broccoli and such are all good sources of foods to treat cellulite.

Foods to avoid:

To successfully reduce cellulite, you should discipline yourself to not overly consume or at best avoid these problem foods that causes cellulite.

Too much consumptions of caffeine may cause poor blood circulation and has negative impact on lymph flow, causing build-up toxins in your body. Sources of caffeine are such as coffee, tea, colas and other sodas. Try to limit your caffeine intake to no more than one cup of coffee or tea a day.

Cutting down on sugars intake will definitely have positive impact on your overall weight management. High consumptions of sugar can slow down circulation of blood vessels and arteries.

Avoid drinking alcohol if you have cellulite. Alcohol is a toxin that can increase fat levels in blood, slowing down circulation and adds additional burden onto the waste removal organs. The absorption of certain fat burners like Vitamin C, calcium and zinc can be reduced if too much of alcohol is consumed.

Refined Food

If you suffer from cellulite, avoid foods that contain salt or sodium, sweeteners and additives. Fresh foods with organic ingredients are the best to treat cellulite.

Saturated Fat
Foods with saturated fat found in meat, butter and other full-fat dairies should be kept to the minimum level in your diet.

Refined Carbohydrates
Try substituting white rice, sugars and bread with brown rice, whole-meal bread and brown sugars in your cellulite diet plan. Too much intake of these high-level carbohydrate foods will increase the amount of fat stored in your body.

Cellulite body wraps can be found in spas, if body wrap is your choice of cellulite reduction treatment technique. Herbal cellulite body wrap uses natural herbal remedies such as seaweed, algae, aloe vera and mud. The effect of each type of herbs used varies, from improvement in circulation to skin soothing. How herbal cellulite body wraps work for cellulite reduction is by creating a condition that is similar to having fever, whereby our body eliminates toxin by perspiration. The skin is brushed and massaged evenly with one of these substances before it is wrapped with linens from neck to toe.

Homemade Cellulite Body Wrap - You can make your own cellulite body wrap at home. Use warm coffee grounds and spread on cellulite areas and wrap with moist seaweed. Cover the area with cellophane or any types of plastic wraps and wait for about 20 to 30 minutes, then remove the wrap. Gently massage the area while rinsing with warm water.

Dry Skin Brushing - Another self-help cellulite reduction approach is the dry skin brushing method. It helps to reduce cellulite by increasing circulation to skin. Increases of circulation will greatly benefits the lymphatic drainage of the body as well because it encourages the discharge of metabolic waste or toxins more efficiently. It is recommended to perform dry skin brushing once a day, preferably in the morning before bath on dry body. Using a long handle brittle brush, start brushing several times from the bottom of feet upwards, from the hands to shoulders, from abdomen towards the heart, avoiding sensitive areas. When done, rinse your body by alternating temperatures from hot to cold water to help stimulate blood circulation. Then, dry and massage your skin with pure plant oil such as almond and jojoba oils.

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