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Detoxing Part 2 - Selecting A Detox Technique

Selecting A Detox Technique

It is important to keep the following points in mind when selecting a cleansing technique to try:

a. It is important to choose cleansing techniques that are not too extreme for your current condition.

b. It is important to choose cleansing techniques that are not to subtle, and therefore ineffective, for your current condition.

c. Working closely with a holistic health practitioner who is familiar with detoxification techniques can be extremely important for the following reasons:

i. The practitioner can help you choose the type and strength of cleansing that meets your needs -- not too extreme, yet not to subtle. On the other hand, if the practitioner recommends a cleanse that you feel is too extreme for your condition or a cleanse that is not powerful enough, you should definitely challenge this recommendation by asking for an explanation. If the explanation doesn't satisfy you, ask to be put on a cleanse that you feel more closely fits your needs. If that isn't possible, seek out a different practitioner.

ii. The practitioner can advise you of any contraindications that may be important for your condition.

iii. If any difficulties arise, an experienced practitioner can more easily adjust or stop the program if necessary.

iv. A few of these cleanses take alot of planning and effort. Off-loading some of the planning and effort onto the shoulders of the practitioner will allow you to concentrate more fully on healing, significantly increasing the effectiveness of the cleanse.

There are many areas of the body that one can concentrate cleansing on. In each of these areas there are powerful techniques for detoxification. There are also gentle techniques that can be used depending upon a person's condition. Some of the more common areas are: a. Gastrointestinal Tract (GI Tract) b. Skin c. Liver d. Gallbladder e. Lymphatic System f. Lungs g. Kidneys/Bladdar h. Miscellaneous.

For most people, the cleanses should be carried out in the order listed above. Persons who have had chemical poisoning may find it beneficial to perform the Skin Cleanse first. Persons who want to get into cleansing slowly may want to start with either a Liver Cleanse, a gentle GI Tract Cleanse, or a gentle Skin Cleanse.