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Detox Part 9 - The Kidneys and the Bladder

Kidneys and Bladder

Persons who have eaten a high fat diet for many years, especially with dairy foods, tend to have kidneys that are clogged with excess fat and in need of cleansing. The kidneys are an important avenue for the elimination of toxins are should be kept healthy. Try the following:

1. Every morning during cleanse, make loose fists with hands and gently tap the kidney/adrenal gland area. This will help stimulate the kidney and adrenals.

2. If the weather permits, try to spend at least 10 minutes walking barefoot on the grass or beach. Obviously, avoid sharp rocks, glass, and other debris. This habit is good for the kidneys, adrenals and the whole body.

Ginger Compress:

A ginger compress is a very useful technique for drawing toxins out of the kidney area, increase the blood circulation in that area, and helping to dissolve hardened masses such as stones.

Purchase one pound of ginger root, organically grown ginger root is best. The ginger root should not be shriveled. Ideally, there should be blue-tinted veins barely visible on the outside of the ginger root. This means that it is juicier and more potent.

You will need:

A large pot with a heavy lid
Two large cotton towels
Two medium cotton hand-towels
A piece of cheesecloth or cotton handkerchief
A grater
Lots of ginger root
A partner to give you the compress (optional, but preferable)
Spring water or filtered water
A comfortable location to lie down

Begin heating spring (or filtered) water in large pot. The goal is to get the water very hot without boiling it.

Grate a ping-pong ball-sized "glob" of ginger and put in a bowl temporarily. Do not use a "cheese" grater because the ginger needs to be grated into tiny pieces. It takes time to grate this much ginger, I know.

Put the grated ginger into the cheesecloth (or handkerchief) and tie the close with some string.

Squeeze the juice from the grated ginger (wrapped in cloth) into the heated (but not boiling) water. Then throw the grated ginger (wrapped in cloth) into the pot. Heat for five minutes, but do NOT boil.

Remove shirt and lie down on stomach.

Set the covered pot of heated water with ginger next to you.

Dip hand towel into pot until it is submerged except for the ends of the towel. Remove towel from water and wring-out by holding the towel over the post and twisting the dry ends.

When towel is thoroughly wrung-out, place it across the lower back, covering both kidneys. It should feel very hot. If it is too hot to stand, let towel cool off in the air before trying to place it again. Cover hand-towel with larger towel to keep the heat in.

Let towel sit on kidney area until it cools off. Then repeat with the other hand towel. Keep repeating until you have placed the hand towel five or six times or until your back is too sensitive to even a mildly hot hand towel.

a. It is much easier to have a partner perform the ginger compress.
b. Have the partner lightly massage the back during the ginger compress.
c. Try to keep the pot of water covered to keep it hot.
d. Once you've done it one or two times, you'll find that it is much easier than it appears from these instructions!