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Detox Part 7 - The Gallbladder

Gallbladder Cleaning

The Gallbladder Flush (aka Liver & Gallbladder Flush) is a powerful cleansing technique used to remove toxic substances from the liver and gallbladder. This can be very helpful in removing quite a few large asymptomatic gallstones as well as giving an enormous improvement in the ability to digest fats.

This cleanse should only be performed by persons with experience with other cleanses. Otherwise, it should be supervised by a healthcare practitioner who has experience with cleansing techniques (e.g., Naturopath, Colon Therapist). The cleanse should not be performed by pregnant women, persons who have had their gallbladder removed (of course). Persons with symptomatic gallstones or blockages of the bile duct can perform this cleanse only under the careful observation of a healthcare practitioner who has supervised Gallbladder Flushes.


Gallbladder Flush:

The instructions below represent the way it should ideally be performed. There are several other programs available for removing gallstones, using Classic Coke (aka -- sugar, caffeine, additives, and flavouring), for example, but one may prefer the move natural, safe, albeit slightly more involved way detailed below:

1. For one week, drink a lot of organic apple juice. If it is possible, juice it yourself so it is fresh. This will help to soften the gallstones.

2. During the week, eat no meat (or very little if necessary), sugar, dairy, and coffee. Try to limit the wheat products if possible. It is preferable to eat a diet of whole grains, lots of vegetables, fruits, legumes, and sea vegetables.

3. Three hours after lunch on the 7th day, take a very powerful, natural laxative. It is important to have the bowels moving when the toxins and stones get dumped into the intestines. Such laxatives may contain Cascara Sagrada, Licorice, Senna, Fennel, Aloe, Lobelia, and Camomile.

4. One or two hours later, drink a cup or two of organic prune juice.

5. Just before dinner, take a very thorough enema (~6 glasses of spring water total) or a colonic. You can obtain a colonic from an experienced Colon Therapist. It is important to totally clear the large intestines for the dumping of the gallstones.

6. Dinner should consist of only freshly squeezed orange or lemon juice (organic is strongly preferred).

7. One hour before bed take a mixture of 8 oz. of olive oil and 4-8 oz. of fresh squeezed lemon juice. Be careful not to use more than 8 ounces of olive oil. Purchase fresh, quality olive oil from your local natural food store for this procedure -- do not use old or rancid olive oil.

8. Lie down in bed on your right side, with your knees pulled up to your chest for one hour. Then try to go to sleep that way if possible.

9. During the night and the next morning, you may feel some nausea due to the oil and toxins being dumped into the colon.

10. The next morning, take another dose of the very powerful, natural laxative.

11. One half hour later, drink up to one quart of prune juice. You should have a bowel movement sometime that day where you will get out gallstones covered in saponified oil and possibly mucous and fat dumped from the liver. You may feel somewhat nauseous during the day.

12. A colonic or thorough enema is recommended the next day -- it is not required.

13. Take high quality probiotics capsules during the next week to help recolonise the intestinal bacteria.