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Detox Part 12 - Diet

Food and Diet

Now for something highly controversial. This is my opinion, no-one else's. Once a month, have a junk food meal. It will not be the end of the world. Keeping up any regieme is not easy. Think of diets as a guide, not as hard and fast rules and as time progresses you will start to eat healthily on autopilot, as it were. Promise yourself, that once a month, you can have a no-holds barred meal. You may find that you do not want one, though if you do, please do not worry. I firmly believe that 90% of a good diet is common sense. It is not rocket science. Unless you have a medical condition that requires you to have or not to have specific foods (which is rocket science), a "good diet" is made up of a balance of foods over as wide a range as possible. I say elsewhere on this website, make it a point to try something new each week. You may like it!

Keep in your diet a good variety of foods. Eat modestly but regularly and try to avoid grazing. If you must graze, have mixed nuts and dried fruit to hand. Even a box of natural wheat flakes or Muesli makes a good grazing food. NOT the branded stuff. Think simple and natural.

Other general things - avoid supermarkets - seek out a good butcher, greengrocer and fishmonger. Avoid processed food (as you find in supermarkets!) which means buy or dust off a cookery book. Remember, supermarkets are in the business of selling product, not in your welfare. Fruit and vegetables are designed to look nice to get you to buy them, not for their nutritional value which in many cases, is that of cardboard. The more food is pre-prepared, the more it has been bashed to death, the more it has had preservatives, colouring and flavourings added, the less nutritional value it is to you. Finally, make time for food. Time to cook it and especially time to eat it!


Fish contains oils that will help nourish your skin. This diet includes fish options at lunch and dinner to add luster and softness to your complexion.

Ground flaxseeds are an excellent source of omega-three fatty acids, which promote good skin health. This meal plan adds flaxseed to your breakfast cereal for a healthy start to your day.

Vitamin A is essential for healthy skin. This diet includes plenty of dark orange (carrots, sweet potatoes, winter squash) and dark green (broccoli, spinach, kale) vegetables. All of these are high in vitamin A.

Vitamin E helps promote great skin, which is why this diet includes nuts such as hazelnuts and almonds, which are high in vitamin E, as snacks.

Consuming one to two tablespoons of ground flax (Linum usitatissimum) seeds (from a coffee or spice grinder) or one teaspoon of fresh flaxseed oil daily is a possible alternative to oily fish or fish oil supplements (also high in omega-3 fatty acids) for vegetarians/ vegans, and for those who are concerned about high levels of heavy metals (such as mercury) in fish. One tablespoon of ground flax seeds and three tablespoons of water makes an excellent replacement for one egg in baking by binding the other ingredients together and ground flax seeds can also be mixed in with oatmeal, yoghurt, water (similar to Metamucil), or any other food item where a nutty flavour is appropriate. Flaxseed oil is most commonly consumed with salads or in capsules. The health benefits of ground flax seed are also due to the lignans and dietary fibre it contains, in addition to omega-3 fatty acids.
some suggestions:


option one:
oatmeal made with skimmed milk, topped with 1 tablespoon ground flaxseeds mixed with blueberries
orange juice

option two:
fortified whole grain cereal topped with skimmed milk, strawberries and 1 tablespoon ground flaxseeds
grapefruit juice

option three:
low-fat granola mixed with 1 tablespoon ground flaxseeds and dried mixed fruit, topped with plain yoghurt
tomato juice with a splash of lemon


option one:
3 ounces water-packed tuna mixed with 1 tablespoon low-fat mayonnaise, chopped tomatoes, celery, carrots and green peppers
2 cups dark green leafy lettuce
1 slice dark rye bread spread with 2 teaspoons olive oil-based margarine
1 cup skimmed milk

option two: 
baby carrots
grilled shrimp salad with grapefruit vinigarette
6 whole-grain crackers
1 cup skimmed milk

option three 
½ cup salsa with 1 cup green, red and yellow pepper strips
1 cup skimmed milk
Turkey Ceasar "wrap"


Choose from any of these snack options:
• fresh apple, orange or tangerine
• small handful of mixed nuts
• ½ cup trail mix of nuts, dried fruit and pretzels
• 1 cup yogurt mixed with blueberries, raspberries or strawberries
• 6 baby carrots


Option one:
baked filet of sole
½ cup brown rice
1 cup steamed spinach tossed with lemon juice, garlic and pepper
vanilla pudding topped with mixed berries
green tea

option two:
beef tenderloins and greens dijon
½ cup strawberry sorbet topped with mixed berries
green tea

option three:
honey garlic pork chops
½ cup mashed sweet potatoes
½ cup steamed broccoli tossed with olive oil and garlic
½ cup yogurt topped with mixed berries
green tea

Some do's and don'ts (or read as "some to try for")


• Drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water every day -- add a slice of fresh lemon or lime for extra flavour and zest
• Eat seafood at least three times each week for the oils found in fish that help nourish your skin
• Eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables every day (choose a variety of different colours -- red tomatoes, green peppers, orange squash -- for the greatest amount of healthy antioxidants )
• Make sure your diet includes 20 to 30 percent of calories from healthier fats such as avocado, olive oil, canola oil and the oils in wheat germ and flaxseeds to prevent dry skin
• Use sunscreen every day, no matter where you live and what the weather conditions are like
• Wear a hat to shade your face when you're outside


• Eat snack foods that are high in fat such as chips, fried foods and chocolate. These snacks often replace healthier foods that promote healthy skin, and the additional amount of unhealthy fat provides extra calories
• Smoke, second hand smoke, alcohol are all bad news. It is easy to say “don't”. I say try your best not to! If you do drink look out for what is in it. Guinness, specifically bottled Guinness, can be quite helpful and so too some other “natural” beers and wines. Read the labels for additives. Personally, I see nothing wrong with the odd alcoholic drink. It is enjoyable. Just try for a glass or so, not the whole Brewery