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Maskology Professional Thermotherapy Heated Eye Mask


Experience a moment of calm with +maskology THERMOTHERAPY Professional Heated Mask. This relaxing treatment soothes your eyes by gently heating the area.

  • Chamomile Scented
  • Self Heating
  • A Moment of Calm

Scented with calming chamomile, these masks will help you sink into a peaceful rest and take time to relax. These 15-minute masks are a great choice for when your eyes feel tired, strained or have spent too much time on a screen. The gentle warmth and rest that this treatment provides will leave you feeling replenished. 

How to use

1. Unfold the mask and gently tear apart the two ear loops by pulling apart at the middle.
2. Open the ear loops away from the mask.
3. Hook the ear loops over the ears and position the mask over the eye area.
4. Relax and enjoy 20 minutes of gentle warmth over the eye areas.

Advice: For external use only. Avoid contact with irritated skin, do not use on wounds, weeping, broken or damaged skin, do not use when wearing contact lenses. In case of direct eye contact from any of the ingredients inside the eye mask then rinse thoroughly with water. Keep out of reach of children.Skin Cleansing Brush Headsskin

skin care

Chamomile, Activated Carbon Powder, Iron Powder, Sodium Chloride, Water-Absorbing Resin, Vermiculite, Deionised Water

Maskology Professional Thermotherapy Heated Eye Mask