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Some Compounds Used in Skin Care

A list of some of the Ingredients used in Skin Care Products.

Skin Care Ingredients

Skin Care Ingredients - A (short) Guide By no means an extensive guide, AND NOT TO BE USED AS A MEDICAL GUIDE but some notes on some of the ingredients which you may come across on the lables of skin care products. I also mention some of the preservation ingredients...

Aromatherapy and the Workplace - Holistic therapy

There are other holistic, complementary therapy disciplines which may be incorporated into the workplace, retail or other public environments. Here we review some of these as well as show some of the research resources available, as well as comment from the press.

Aromatherapy and the Workplace - Part 2

Here, we can show how some oils may be used in certain circumstances. Oils have different characteristics, so may be used to aid positive conditions.

Aromatherapy and the Workplace - Part 1

Can Aromatherapy help in the office, retail shops or other commercial areas? Is there evidence and is it worthwhile? The answer to these questions is Yes - and the amount of empirical evidence grows steadily.  

Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Coenzyme Q10

Since their introduction to the Cosmetic Industry in the early nineties, alpha hydroxy acids and later Coenzyme Q10 have taken skin care to new heights. Finally, here was something that could do what was promised, something that could actually improve the skin instead of just temporarily affecting the way it...

Antioxidants - A Short Explanation

The most abundant dietary sources of antioxidants are fruits and vegetables, the more colourful the better. So if you are eating about 5-13 servings you may not need to worry. However most of us, even with discipline and good intentions, don't manage to keep our diets up to this on...


Mesotherapy uses different injection techniques according to the patient's concerns, delivering the ingredients to different depths, though as already indicated, typically quite shallow. Many of these are not even felt as the skin is pinched prior to and during the injections.

The Menopause and Aromatherapy

The menopause is a significant change in a woman's life; that said, it is not an illness. The changes of the menopause are normal, natural and inevitable. This does not mean, however, that the menopause is always easy. 

Pregnancy and the Trimesters

During the first trimester of pregnancy a mother to be will feel both exhilarated and exhausted. Although she may be extraordinarily elated about becoming a mother, the mother to be is also 'building' another human being and the creation of the placenta may take a lot, if not all, of...

Pregnancy, Babies and Aromatherapy

During pregnancy, the skin is able to let through a greater amount as it is usually more permeable and sensitive. Whilst it may be safe to assume that very low, that is to say, therapeutic amounts are unlikely to affect the unborn child, some oils, notably citrus essences, are able to...

Cellulite - The worry since the dawn of time

It has been the worry of every woman since the dawn of time - the affliction known as cellulite. We all have it to varying degrees, and it seems to get worse as we get older. So, should we just resign ourselves to the fact that it is here to...

Cancer and Alternative Therapy

No alternative remedies have been proven to cure cancer and certainly not Aromatherapy. There is no medical research into the subject of cancer which has indicated that any of the alternative therapies (or alternative medicine) will cure cancer. 

Depression and Aromatherapy

Depression is a holistic disease, that is, it affects the whole being. Any treatment therefore, should take a holistic approach and is as much about treating the body and mind in a clinical sense as it is in an emotional sense.